Let's Do Better! for equality is inclusive to all. In many countries Black People never been treated fairly. This pandemic just reopened the eyes to the problems the world has been closing it's eyes to and this state of emergency is the call of action. We need to make dramatic changes in the way governments are ran, the way we treat the earth, the way we treat our brothers and sisters. There are no more excuses to cover up wounds. Let's deal with all the malarkey. From being tokenized, mistreated due to the hue of our skin, forced into eurocentric standards of beauty and degrading other standards of beauty, belittling the notion of ones history, lack of an extended educational system that includes teaching afrocentric history and grandeur. The lack of healthcare offerings, the lack of being able to breathe without worrying. There are too many things to express. There are reasons why these protests should not be pacified. Do not try to pacified the rage of black folks for we too need to share our reality. Remember the consistent inequalities and let's learn to make tomorrow the time where we can all hold hands and see, say, and act more justly. Be responsible for your contributions to the world. Don't be part of the statistics of racial bigotries.