"You have the power to command the biggest audiences, to move peoples hearts without speaking a single word. Captivate them with your being, moreover than your words. You are as powerful as you want to be. Show the fullness of your reality not the near comings of your fullest potential." 




Violinist /Violist

"Buttery is the flavor for my sound" on viola and violin said by my fellow bandmate Ashley Straw of The Dark Blue. Strings has always been my passion and my joy. Take a listen!

Ballroom Dancer

From the Cha Cha to the Paso Doble, latin ballroom dance. My happy feet seemingly never loss a beat. Please check out these fun videos from my formidable years of dance, to present.


Of the three here this is my newest of projects. With an EP now out on every music platform.  I'm very excited to have you explore more of this direction my art has taken me. Even compositionally I never composer before but the product is definitely fruitful. I definitely can't wait to have you hear.