Performance Agenda

Past Events
Jan 6th       Flamenqueña Urbana with The F-Tones and Sans Limites Dance, Symphony Space, New York 7pm
Jan 21st       Monday Music Madness playing Violin with The F-Tones at Anyway Cafe, NYC, NY 8-11pm
Feb 4th       World Premiere of collaborative dance and viola duo piece "Shanmukhapriya Barocco Moderno"
                       (East meets West) with Kuchipudi Dancer Yamini Kalluri at The Courtyard Center of the Arts  
                       Herefordshire, United Kingdoms 7pm
Feb 6th       "Shanmukhapriya Barocco Moderno" Icelandic Premiere with Íslenski Dansflokkurinn at
                       Reykjavik City Theatre, Reykjavik, Iceland 8pm
Feb 9th       "Shanmukhapriya Barocco Moderno" USA Premiere at Small Plates Festival Workhouse Theatre, 
                       at Lorton, Virginia 4pm
Mar 1st        "Shanmukhapriya Barocco Moderno" NYC Premiere for Mod Art Dance Collective at Mark Morris
                       Dance Center, Brooklyn, New York 7:30pm
Apr 6th       Astor Piazzolla Concerto para Quintetto with The F-Tones @ Brooklyn College Roosevelt Hall 4pm
Mar 10th.    Astor Piazzolla “Grand Tango” Quintet Concert @ Brooklyn College Roosevelt Extention   1pm 
Mar 13th.     The DARK BLUE my indie folk rock band playing @ Caffe Vivaldi 32 Jones Street, NY, NY  9-11pm
Apr 21th      Conducting NPF Youth Orchestra for Fiddlefest 2018 @ Boys & Girls High School, BK, NY 12-2pm
May 15th     Performing the music of Composer Noah Magnus @ Brooklyn College Roosevelt Extension 6:15pm
May 29th    The F Tones"Sketches" Album Launch Concert @ Hunter College, North Building Blackbox, NY  7pm
Sept 21st     Principal Violist with Asian Cultural Symphony at Alice Tully Hall Lincoln Center 7pm
Sept 23rd   Principal Violist with Asian Cultural Symphony at Planting Fields Arboretum, Long Island 3pm
Oct 5th       Playing Violin with The F-Tones performing at Silvana, Harlem, New York City  6pm
Oct 27th     Playing Violin with The F-Tones performing at Shrine, Harlem, New York City  7pm
Nov 10th     Playing Violin with The F-Tones performing at Silvana, Harlem, New York City  6pm
Nov 29th    "Shoo False Love, I Fear Not" EP release concert at Shrine World Music Venue, 2271 Adam Clayton   
                       Powell Jr Blvd, New York, 10021 9-11pm