Short Bio


Dwayne Beach, just like his last name  Beach, is an easy going, but bombasticly  powerful whirlpool kind of talent, that bend and molds the breath and reach of his artistry. Coming from a career as a young ballroom dance professional who had placed in many finals in national and world's competition He danced in the Kennedy Center as a special guest for Angela Lansbury 2nd annual benefit in 2008 amongst many celebrity galas. Performed in PORTS fashion show, appeared on the TODAY SHOW and toured nationally with American Ballroom Theatre. 


 Dwayne as a musician takes the hot seat. Versed in both viola and violin Dwayne graduated with his master's in Viola Performance from Brooklyn College Conservatory of music studying under the tutelage of master pedagog Masao Kawasaki. He made his Jazz at Lincoln Center debut in April 2010 as a violist soloist with Kentucky Chamber Choir directed by composer Shafer Mahoney. Since then he has assumed the position of Principal Violist for various orchestra like One World Symphony and Asian Cultural Symphony of which he still performs. A lover of everything music he co-founded a duo with guitarist Marcin Wisniewski called The F-Tones of which they released their first album called "Sketches," a fusion album of classical, Gypsy jazz, and pop originals. With the molding of Dwayne artist prowness he just released another talent out of the box singing in his first EP called "Shoo False Love, I Fear Not!" This project showcases the many talents of Dwayne as the visionary who wore many hats, that of the composer, the lyricist, one of the instrumentalist, the singer, the dance choreographer, one of the dancers and director of both the music video and live concert. He plans on making more high quality multidisciplinary pieces of art. 




Long Bio


Dwayne Beach, currently a Master Degree laureate from Brooklyn College Conservatory in Viola Performance. He also graduated with his Baccalaureate in Music from Hunter College in viola and a second discipline in Italian Linguistics. He's an Alda Fellowship Scholar who has studied under the tutelage of Artistic Faculty Masao Kawasaki at Brooklyn College, and formally under Dr. Reuben Blundell.  He has had the luxury of being seated in the Principle Viola Seat for various orchestras: from All-City Youth Orchestra (2007-8), Hunter Symphony (2009-11), “New Yorks hippest orchestra” (Courier-Life) One World Symphony (2012-14), and currently New York Eastern Chamber Orchestra.


In mist of his performance role as principal violist, Dwayne’s sound has been described by another orchestral musician as.... “A warm sound that carries the orchestra. You can be transfixed by his body expressions and sound. He’s like the meat of the orchestra… really humble, a good leader, and very passionate” (Magna Blemur, The Hunter Bridge).


April 2010 Dwayne made his debut at Jazz at Lincoln Center, playing solo viola with Kentucky Chamber Choir, under composer Shafer Mahoney’s direction. In 2011 he was one of the founding members of Project Tangata, which has had the honor of performing works with Naxos recording artist Gregory Burleson.


Alongside his classical music interest he has been playing music with Jazz Vox the Emmys Award performing ensemble, under the direction of Priscilla Owens. He premiered in an operetta called “The Sacred Wood” by the late composer Richard Burke, as dual role violist and tenor soloist at the Kay Playhouse Theater, NY. Dwayne is also a professional ballroom dancer. He managed to rack up an impressive dance resume performing with his partner at the Kennedy Center, Roseland Ballroom, “PORTS” fashion show, NY, being a background dancer in the film “Take the Lead,” appearing on the TODAY SHOW, and toured nationally with American Ballroom Theatre, alongside competing and winning championship level competitions.


In Ballroom dancing he has studied American and International style in all four competitive disciplines: Smooth, Rhythm, Latin and Standard. With the latin style being his specialty and for which he had championed.


Currently he is working with guitarist Marcin Wisniewski also a former member of Project Tangata. They both came together and decided it was time in late spring 2015 to form a duo called The F Tones which can be found at This speak easy dynamic duo spins out fresh and velvety covers of pop tunes: a captivating fusion of acoustic classical, folk, gypsy jazz, and flamenco infused improvisation too. Together they have recently create an amazing swing of concerts that landed them as featured artist at BAMcafe at BAM. They also received a two page spread  written in the Kingsman newsletter. 


He plays on a viola crafted in 2008, and a five-string violin crafted in 2013 by Shanghai’s master luthier Ma Zhibin, and recently a carbon fiber viola crafted in 2016 by Joerg Kleinalstede in Werther, Germany. As for his future musical aspiration he hopes to someday have a concerto written for him as the dedicatee and as it's initial performer, as well as revivify and concertize lesser known gem in the viola repertoire and works by minority composers.